For those of you who don’t know, I will 18 years old on Wednesday! It is an exciting time, especially at this point in my life. Not only will I be starting college soon, but I am preparing to help start a church, getting ready to move to Kansas City, MO without my parents, and trying to deciding who I am going to vote for.

So to celebrate this time, I am going to post my 3 favorite birthday cards that I have gotten over the past 18 years. I haven’t had many birthday cards that have really impressed me. But there are three of them that have absolutely rocked my socks!

My mom gave me a great birthday card last year…it was one of my favorites. The front cover reads “SON, birthday wishes for a special son.”

The inside had probably the best poem and hope that I have ever read inside a card. It said:

“Son May You Always Have…

Friends to share your journey, hope to light each mile

Work that hones your talents, love that warms your smile

Wisdom for your problems, comforts for your griefs

Faith in your convictions, strength in your beliefs

Goals that are a challenge, dreams that take you far

And days like this to celebrate, the man and son you are!

Happy Birthday!”

I am so thankful that my mom gave me this card, and that hallmark found the wonderful poem!

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