A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I had the opportunity to visit the New Community Service at Kensington Church. Kensington Church is a popular, cutting edge, mega-church here in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Kensington has 4 campuses, together averaging over 7,000 people in it’s weekly services. Not only is Kensington considered a Mega-Church, it is considered to be apart of the “new culture” of churches.

I was very impressed be this mid-week service. Quite often mid-week services are boring and are not at all a drawing card to new visitors. New Community is just the opposite. Although the New Community service is not Kensington’s goal for a “front door view” of the church, it still is a pretty good “second door.” The service doesn’t have the secular music, or glitz and glamor of the weekend services, but it still provides a high energy atmosphere and opportunity for growth for it’s attenders. I thoroughly enjoyed Kensington’s New Community Service. For more information about Kensington Church, it’s services, church plants or outreaches click here for more information.

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