Today I got a lot of work done (I scratched quite a few things off my long list of things to do).  While I still ended up finding more things that I needed to do.

Thankfully yesterday I started writing a new worship song.  I hope to post some of the lyrics some time next week…i still have to decide on a title.

Sunday I have the privilege of speaking at Pontiac Family Worship Center for the 4th time this summer.  It’s an exciting honor…and I really enjoy it. I’ll be speaking on my favorite bible story – “The Life of Joseph.”  I’ll be breaking down Joseph’s life and deciphering what we can take away as believers.

I’ll present and explain these 6 themes about Joseph’s life:

  1. Joseph found favor from birth.
  2. Joseph listened in his sleep.
  3. Joseph trusted when it wasn’t easy.
  4. Joseph refused the wicked.
  5. Joseph proved to have influence.
  6. Joseph made tough decisions.

Joseph was a true man of God…we can all learn something from him.  I hope to do that as I finish off this great week.  I’ll post more about this message next week.

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