During this summer and throughout my entire transition to Kansas City, I’m going back to an old plan I once used for daily devotions. I picked this plan up from Bobby Hawk, when I was his Intern in Pontiac, MI. The plan is called the “One a Day Challenge.” Here listed are the goals I wish to accomplish each day.

  • Memorize one scripture a day
  • Memorize the content of one chapter a day
  • Read a commentary on one chapter a day
  • Read one Psalm and Proverb each day
  • Call/Write and encourage one person each day
  • Read a chapter in a personal growth book each day
  • Write and submit one blog post each day
  • Witness to at least one person a day
  • Spend at least 15 minutes in worship each day
  • Add at least one new prayer request each day

One thought on “10 Daily Goals – “One a Day Challenge”

  1. oh wow! this realy reminds me to myself, tho I’m sure you have reached all your goals, I haven’t yet, I need discipline! haha

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