In January of 2005, I began a new position in ministry (even though I was only 14!). I started as an Intern at Pontiac Family Worship Center. I continued helping with the Youth Ministry and began to help in a number of other areas in the church.

It was amazing to see what God was doing. Though I was reluctant at first, He truly blessed my desire to stay committed.

I had many opportunities in that year of change. I went on two missions trips to Mexico in that year. It was amazing how much God used me through those trips. They were truly life changing and they brought a fresh touch to the call of God on my life.

Step by Step, God continued to develop me…with opportunity after opportunity. A year after the big transition…a huge door opened. The opportunity came about for me to begin Leading Worship in our main services at PFWC. I was scared and excited, but ready!

Throughout the past years I have had many ministry opportunities, such as Joining the LEAD Team at Oakland Christian School, to Directing the Youth Ministry of PFWC, to Becoming the Assistant to The Chaplain at OCS, and so on.

I don’t throw those things out to provide a name or show for myself but to present a simple truth to us. That truth being the fact that God is a provider God. A God who not only calls us to His plan, but unfolds it himself.

Looking at My Senior Year now, I would have never imagined 3 or 4 years ago, the passion that God would develop in me. The Passion for people, the passion for my church, the passion for my school and my graduating class, the passion for my family and so on.

I thank him, for the ability to not just serve Him, but to serve Him with a passion. Our God is truly amazing, and we have the opportunity to find that every single day. I pray that you would find him present in your everyday life…ordering your steps as he does for me every single day, of my life.

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