I had no idea the work God had in store for my Freshman year of high school. I looked for him everywhere, for any and every opportunity to serve him.

The first part of the work began with Pastor Bobby Hawk. He came to me and a couple of friends, with the idea of starting a youth ministry out of his church. We were excited to be a part and to have been asked, and were ready for what God had in store.

At that very time, God was continuing to work in me through The Power Company Kid’s Club. He was truly doing a work there. Providing for and developing me.

God was also developing within in me, a heart for my new school, Oakland Christian (Auburn Hills, MI). It was there that God took, complete control.

In the late fall of that year (2004), I felt God’s call to transition from my then current church, Revival Tabernacle (Highland Park, MI) to Pontiac Family Worship Center…at home in Pontiac, where we had just began the youth ministry. All of this for me at that point in time was overwhelming, but I knew I had to follow God.
In December of 2004, I began attending Pontiac Family Worship Center. I had visited several times, but this time I knew God wanted me there. In that time of my “switch,” God began to do something in my heart.

I had always, always said I would follow him…and he truly began to test me in that. On my first Sunday at PFWC, Pastor Bobby Hawk spoke a message entitled “Total Commitment.” It was a great, challenging, and relevant message. At the end of the message and service, the altars were open for prayer, worship and time with God. I did what I had always knew to do, I prayed to God. It was then that it happened, the BIGGEST thing that has ever happened to me in life, thus far.

God began to speak to me. This is the only time I ever can recall hearing God audibly. He spoke the words, “It’s time to leave.” I was stunned and wondered if that was really God. He then spoke the words to me again, “It’s time to leave.” OK, I thought. I then asked, “Leave what?” And it hit me on impact, when God said, “Power Company.”

My immediate thoughts were, WHY? Why now God, everything seems to be working perfectly. I’m involved in my school, at my church, in the Power Company as well, WHY? It then hit me. God wanted total commitment from me.

When I think about my Senior Year that very thought comes to me again. God wants total commitment from me. Not just another day of salvation, not just another time of worship or prayer, but he wants me. And I pray, that you who are reading this would have that same desire. Total Commitment to God. He deserves the very best, and nothing less.

That season was only the beginning of what God had for me (to be concluded…)

2 thoughts on “My Senior Year (Part 2)

  1. I’m proud of you man! Stay totally committed to God and you will be used to do so many more things for Him!!!


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