Exactly one week from today, I begin my senior year of high school at Oakland Christian School. It’s amazing to see where God has taken me through the years even during my short life. It’s truly has been a journey.

From the start as a smart kindergarten student in the Pontiac School District, living with the struggles of a single parent home. To a simple senior, striving in my family at OCS. I think about the times where I thought there was no place for me…the times where I felt like I was all alone. It’s sad that a kid can get lonely living in a world with people all around him. Remembering those times, reminds me of the changes that God provided in my life.

It all started with my third grade year of school. Where I was apart of a new private-public school with new people and new teachers. It was then that I realized even being so young, who God really was. I had a teacher that was a Christian in the midst of a living hell, the very place she still feels called to. It was then that I became deeply rooted in to the Power Company Kid’s Club, the ministry that helped sustain my life. I saw God there, I found God there, and I loved God there.

Two years after that I gave my heart to God. Almost immediately after that, God called me to be a Pastor. It’s a day I will never forget. The emotions of a child…the call of God. I owe a very large part of my life to Pastor John Gunn. His impact on my life, is something that I see every single day. It’s something that I will never forget.

From there the opportunities only opened up more and more. To singing the gospel in Power Company’ s Children’s Choir, to knocking on doors every week in the City Of PontiacGod’s hand was clearly on me.

I became heavily involved in PCKC, loving every minute of it. As my time in Pontiac passed by, I knew God was using me. My freshman year of high school began a new time…a new season. I began my freshman year at Oakland Christian School, seeing a new side of Ministry. As God was preparing me for that very thing (to be continued…)

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